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Emojis: why we love them so much and what they mean

Those colorful symbols appear everywhere – even as decoration in high-fashion collections and, very soon, in movies. Yes, emojis have left the digital realm and firmly entrench themselves in today’s popular culture. They have also changed the ways we communicate. A new language The world

The secret language of profile photos

Headshots, kittens or group selfies – the profile photos we choose reveal a great deal about us. Here are some interesting findings on how to interpret them. The stamp on the envelope Profile pictures are our self-chosen public representations. These visuals show how we see

Gender and social media

Ever wondered why there are more women than men on Pinterest? Or noticed that trolls are often male? Take a look at some fascinating gender-specific behaviors on social. News vs friendships To start with the basics: while men are online to search for information, women

The psychology of foodstagramming

Take a brief scroll at your Instagram feed. Chances are, you will spot a food photo. Indeed #food, #foodporn #instafood and #yummy are amongst the 100 most popular Instagram hashtags in 2016 (Websta). Together they result in 438,921,588 photos. That means food is the most

How reading online comments affects us

Do you often scroll down news articles or social media posts to read (and relish) the comments below? It’s our common foible. Out of boredom or curiosity, at times we all like to imbibe the wisdom of the crowd. Skimming through comments, however, is not