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What makes online content go viral?

Virality: coveted, elusive, fleeting. The ultimate goal for all social media marketers, attained by a chosen few, and seldomly according to plan. We all create content with the hope that at least some of it will stick in the collective cyber-memory for longer than a

Five psychological principles to rev up your social media marketing

“Know your audience” is a tag line for all social media marketers. Brands often rely on various analytical tools to answer questions about their social media demographics, to predict their followers’ preferences and behaviour and create content that would best resonate with them. Going back

The merits and pitfalls of a smartphone-free vacation

It’s summer: time to ditch our phones, tablets and laptops and hit the beach. What better period to indulge in digital detox and decompress than August, right? Sadly, this is not an easy thing to do. Simply leaving our devices behind for a week or

TikTok is killing your brain, one short-form video at a time

Ever heard of the term “TikTok brain”? It is fittingly coined to hint at what the short video platform does to human cognition and overall mental functioning. Although we still lack comprehensive longitudinal research into the phenomenon, there is piling evidence for the detrimental effects

Digital childhood: kids and social media

Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that he wouldn’t want his children to use social media, joining with this statement a growing group of digitally disillusioned tech executives. Meanwhile, social network giants like Facebook seem to make every effort to keep kids firmly glued to

Why Facebook’s News Feed changes won’t increase our well-being

When last week Mark Zuckerberg announced another major overhaul to Facebook’s algorithm, he explained it with his company’s aim to ensure people’s connectedness and “well-being” when using the platform. As per research, he put it, people feel happier and less lonely when actively engaging with

Narcissists and social media: a (self-)love story

We all have those annoying Facebook friends who simply can’t stop posting selfies. As soon as they cross the threshold of a location, they create a check-in status, and never fail to inform us if they feel “excited” or “relaxed” there. Eventually, we block such

Emojis: why we love them so much and what they mean

Those colorful symbols appear everywhere – even as decoration in high-fashion collections and, very soon, in movies. Yes, emojis have left the digital realm and firmly entrench themselves in today’s popular culture. They have also changed the ways we communicate. A new language The world